Medical Leave of Absence Non-FMLA

We understand that medical issues can sometimes arise that require extended time away from work, and team members may not be eligible for protection under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). To support our team members during such circumstances, we have implemented a Non-FMLA Medical Leave. Full-time and part-time team members are eligible to apply for a Non-FMLA Medical Leave.


Team members working at least 20 hours per week are eligible to apply for a personal medical leave of absence.

Duration of Leave

A personal medical leave of absence must be at least 14 days in duration and cannot exceed six months.

Benefits Status During Leave

The team member will not be eligible for benefits after 30 days of personal medical leave of absence. After 30 days, benefits will terminate, and COBRA will be offered.

Compensation During Leave

Accrued vacation time will be used until exhausted; the remaining leave time will be unpaid. Sick time hours must be used if eligible.

Return to Work

A personal medical leave of absence does not guarantee the reinstatement of the team member at the end of the leave. However, Carle Health will make every effort to return the team member to their former or a comparable position. If the team member’s position is unavailable at the time of return, it’s the team member’s responsibility to submit applications for vacant positions of interest. If the team member isn’t selected for a position within 30 days following the end of leave or date of release, the team member’s status will reflect voluntary resignation with proper notice.

Other Considerations

A team member’s total leave (Personal Medical Leave and Family Medical Leave) cannot exceed a total of six months.