Vacation Time

All team members working at least 20 hours per week accrue time off each pay period. Vacation accrual is based on actual hours paid, excluding overtime, and rolls over, year to year up to a set maximum. Vacation time can be used after you've been employed for 90 days.

Additionally, new parents are given one week of paid leave. You'll find more details in the Parent Resources section.

Length of employment Factor per hour paid Max hours accrued per pay period MAX ACCUMULATION
0−3 years 0.065385 5.231 204.05
4−9 years 0.084615 6.769 263.95
10−14 years 0.094231 7.538 293.96
15−20 years 0.103846 8.308 323.97
Over 20 years 0.123077 9.846 383.95

Voluntary Vacation Time Cash-In

Carle Health encourages team members to use their earned vacation time throughout the year to relax, rest and return to work more productive. However, we also believe in providing options that allow team members to have greater flexibility in their total compensation package. Team members can choose to cash in a minimum of 10 hours and a maximum of 80 hours per year in 10-hour increments. This process happens twice per year for payout in January and July . Team members cashing in hours will incur a 5% rate reduction per IRS guidelines. Team members must also retain at least 40 hours in their vacation bank. Additional details are in Policy HR211.