Carle Health Well-Being Program

You make choices every day to live your best life. We're right there with you through the Carle Health Well-Being Program. Use it however you like because whatever you do isn't only good for you. It's good for all of us.

We acknowledge that our personal and professional lives can be complicated. Finding time for self-care, budgeting, giving back and embracing healthier lifestyles are all things we can strive for as goals.
Each of us has different things we want to focus on or improve.  Carle Health well-being programs are here to help you. Our well-being programs focus on four key areas of well-being: Move, Mind, Money and Mission. 

  • Move focuses on fitness, diet and nutrition.
  • Mind focuses on emotional well-being, spiritual support, mental health and intellectual growth.
  • Money focuses on financial goals, resources, discounts and total rewards.
  • Mission focuses on career development, community service and social engagement.

Carle Health offers a variety of programs and challenges year-round for people of all ages and skill levels. Many challenges are team-based for a little more fun and support. You'll earn rewards and learn healthy habits for positive lifestyle changes.

Understand your health

Gain a new perspective on your health and wellness. Health Alliance members can sign up for a free telephonic wellness consult with a health coach. This call is designed to help you better understand your overall health through a wellness lens. The consult can help you better understand areas of opportunity related to:

  • Nutrition
  • Weight loss
  • Physical activity
  • Management of chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension

During the call the health coach also will make sure you understand your wellness benefits. This will include a review of recommended wellness screenings and information about additional free support available through the health plan.