Financial Wellness

Being able to manage your money in order to meet your current and long-term needs is an important part of your overall well-being.

University of Illinois Community Credit Union (UICCU)

Carle Health has partnered with the University of Illinois Community Credit Union (UICCU) to offer financial fitness seminars, special benefits, and tools and resources to get your finances back on track. For more information on all the partner perks UICCU offers, visit the UICCU Partnership Program site.

Busey Wealth Management

Carle Health partners with Busey Wealth Management to provide retirement planning, advice and rollover support for your Carle 403(b) or (401)k plan. Busey can be reached at or (217) 365-4874.


Carle Health’s latest voluntary benefit, DailyPay, is available to team members. This new benefit is a direct result of your feedback for more options to access your pay. DailyPay allows team members to track, save and transfer their available balance on their own schedule. With DailyPay, team members can get paid for hours already worked instead of waiting until their next paycheck, see how much they’ve made every day and access free financial wellness resources.

For example, use DailyPay to:
  • Pay for an unexpected expense that comes up before payday, such as a flat tire, home appliance repair, child care expense, trip to the veterinarian or groceries.
  • Pick up an extra shift and get paid the next day.
  • Track daily income for shifts worked.