Paid Leave

All team members working at least 20 hours per week accrue time off each pay period. Paid leave accrual is based on actual hours paid, excluding overtime, and rolls over, year to year up to a set maximum. Paid leave can be used after you've been employed for 90 days.

You can cash-in up to 80 hours of unused time per calendar year or donate time to a coworker. Details are in Policies HR203 and HR211.

Additionally, new parents are given one week of paid leave. You'll find more details in the Parent Resources section.

Length of employment Factor per hour paid Max hours accrued per pay period MAX ACCUMULATION
0−3 years 0.065385 5.23 204.05
4−9 years 0.084615 6.77 263.95
10−14 years 0.094231 7.54 293.96
15−20 years 0.103846 8.31 323.97
Over 20 years 0.123077 9.85 383.95